12 Lessons From A House Move (and life, basically)

Moving house SUCKS!

There. I said it.

I am surrounded by boxes full of shit I didn’t miss while it was in storage.

My back hurts from lifting said boxes of shit (and age. My back also hurts from age.)

I know where nothing is (it took me 20 minutes to find a tampon yesterday. They were in a box marked “stuff” so big thanks goes out to past Me for that one) and everything feels unfamiliar.


  If I had thought for one second that lying on the floor with a comical box on top of me would’ve helped…

If I had thought for one second that lying on the floor with a comical box on top of me would’ve helped…

Now, let me be clear. I am supremely grateful for my new home and acknowledge how lucky and privileged I am. But moving house has thrown up some real lessons for me and today I’m going to share some of them with you. Do with them what you will. I trust they serve.

1.   Know your values

If you don’t know your values you’re fucked. Making decisions is really hard when you don’t know yourself. For example, I saw some great places that were quite far away from where all my mates live. But no swanky kitchen or ducted heating is going to meet my need for connection. Especially as I never cook and I’m always cold anyway! I know what makes me happy. I know what’s important in my life. So even though I can see the financial sense in moving 30km out of the city, where’s the point if I’m alone? Every decision I make is in alignment with my values– which means I can make certain, confident decisions (my new house, my next work project, my next holiday destination, my relationship) every time!

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”
Roy E. Disney

2.   Manifesting works

I manifested the crap out of my new home. I employed all the tools and techniques which I teach my clients so that they can attract in huge business success (and other amazing things like love, money, holidays, homes… you get the gist). Check out this short video if you want to know more (and SUBSCRIBE).

3. Work your ass off. It pays off.

Nothing beats action in this life. I work hard and I reap the rewards. End of. (check out this blog for more on this).

4.  Dust multiplies when it senses you’re on the move.

But it always settles. Know when to clean up.


5.  Things don’t make you happy nor do they define you.

Although I’m in for a light weight Dyson. Just sayin…

  You should follow me on    Insta      emily_thatcrazythingcalledlife

You should follow me on Insta emily_thatcrazythingcalledlife

6.   Before you unpack anything, make your bed.

The best advice my Dad ever gave me. Thanks Roger!

7.   Learn from your past experiences.

I have lived in my fair share of shit holes. There was the house with zero natural light (we called it the house of death) which taught me how much I need natural light. The Uni house with damp climbing the walls taught me I need ventilation in my bathroom. The house with the resident mouse taught me I’m not so much of a rodent lover. We’ve all made terrible decisions. Just don’t be the dickhead that makes them more than once.

8.   Bunnings (Australia) and Homebase (England) are shops that I will never be comfortable in.

Know your strengths. Mine is not DIY.

9. Getting the internet connected is hands down one of the most frustrating aspects of modern living.

Remember, it is not the operators fault that the company he works for is totally inept. Breathe and try not to call him a twat.

10.  Facebook Market Place is a dangerous place.

Which reminds me to remind you of point 5.

11.  Friends are important.

I haven’t got enough words to express how grateful I am to my crew who stored my furniture while I was in Europe, who housed me when I came back to Melbourne, who checked out places for me when I was unable to, who helped me move when no one ever really wants to do that, and who pretended that none of the above was inconvenient. I know it was. Life is not a solo sport. Find your people, love them hard, and you’ll never be alone. (Want to be part of an amazing community of utter legends? Join my free group here).

 12. Always, and I mean always label your boxes.

Future you will be grateful.


So, there you have a dozen lessons from my house move. What did you love? And what would you like to read more of? Please do me a solid favour and like, comment and share.

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Thank you very much, for reading.

Em x