The Biggest Money Block (that’s stopping you attracting your worth)

Ah Christmas! I must admit I’m feeling zero festive cheer right now because as I write this in Melbourne it is 785 degrees Celsius outside (shut up I don’t exaggerate you do!).

My air con is trying and failing to keep the temperature inside bearable and as a British chick, I am used to being colder than a snowman’s testicles at this time of year.

This is my seventh year of living down under and I will never, ever get used to hearing Mariah’s shrill notes sing out festive cheer as the mercury rises and my sweat patches rage out of control.

In just a few days I’ll be heading back to the UK for two weeks of Christmas family time and I can’t wait. It will be my third trip back to England this year – something I couldn’t have even imagined would be possible for me last year.

Me, being able to afford to fly to my loved ones three times in one year? And still pay my bills? And still operate my business so it actually generates even more money as I sit on my sister’s sofa?

And it hasn’t just been the UK I’ve been able to visit this year (this isn’t a brag, stay with me as I demonstrate what is possible for you). Sri Lanka, Bali, Malaysia and France have all been stamps in my passport this year. But how?

Money Blocks!

Three years ago I was waiting tables for $20 an hour with massive credit card debt I was adulating all over by totally ignoring (sarcasm).

After some more adulating (more sarcasm) that didn’t work out (surprisingly) I came to the stark realisation that no one was going to come along and offer me the ultimate job in farrrrrsshhon because I was not in fact Rachel Greene from the totally fictitious Friends sitcom, nor was an unknown Aunt called Barbara or Joan going to die and leave me £1.835 million and a slightly run down but delightful stately home in the Cotswolds.

I had to change some shit up!

Very long story and a whole world of mindset work later and I started my own coaching business. And it worked. My clients got results, I made enough money to walk away from hospitality and I was officially registered for GST (which basically means giving heaps more money to the Government in taxes. Adulting is hard sometimes!)

But I could never accumulate wealth. I never had enough. I never was enough. Money came inconsistently.

My debt lingered (okay, accumulated interest) and I always felt on edge with cash flow. Business was hard. It felt like I was doing all the right things. I had strategies in place that should be working but nothing seemed to be flowing.

Honestly, this time last year going home for Christmas wasn’t an option – I couldn’t afford it.

 So what changed?

Did Aunt Joan finally die, swiftly followed by Aunt Babs?


Did Ralph Lauren finally call?


I found the people who made making money and building wealth look easy and I asked them what the fuck they did.

And then I did that.

As a mindset coach, I knew that the problem wasn’t money but the frequency I held around it (very basic translation = what I believed to be true about money). And guess what I discovered? Yep, the people I was learning from who made making money look easy had amazing beliefs around money.

So I did the work, committed to the process and voilà! Shit changed. Quickly.

This month for the first time ever, I am teaching what I learnt to my membership group Spiritual Gangsters. (Not a member yet? Membership opens again in March 2019. To be the first to hear about it join my FREE group That Crazy Thing Called Life, here).


Last week I set the members a powerful exercise to help them uncover their unconscious beliefs (or frequency) around money.

And today as I was reading though the comments in the group my brain saw a pattern so glaringly obvious it could’ve been the bloody star of Bethlehem.


Almost every comment started with the words Money makes people…

Money makes people greedy.

Money makes people fight.

Money makes people evil.

Like money is a central character in Mean Girls (the best movie of all time ever).

And this got me thinking about movies (stay with me).

One of my all-time favourite Christmas stories is A Christmas Carol and because I’m well cultured and shit, I like the Muppets version the best.

Let’s look the central character Scrooge. He starts out as a mean dickhead of a human. His unhappiness is palpable and he sits on his wealth, guarding it in a wall of misery. Boo!

 Every musical movie has one shit song.

Every musical movie has one shit song.

11 excellent songs and one shit one later (that love song from Scrooge’s Christmas Past is so when I get up for a pee) and Scrooge is suddenly transformed into a kind, generous and giving soul, sharing his wealth with cripples and mice and generally emanating happiness. Bravo!

But here’s the thing. Money didn’t make Scrooge a tight asshole. Fear, loneliness and unworthiness made him an asshole and money magnified that.

Equally, money didn’t make Scrooge kind.

Love, compassion and connection made him kind and money magnified that.

 Be rich in the inside because money is a magnificent magnifier. Money will magnify that which is within you. -Bo Sanchez

So next week, as I unashamedly bribe my nieces and nephews to watch A Muppets Christmas Carol with me I’ll be sure to remind them that money isn’t about being good or bad.

 Follow me on Insta  emily_thatcrazythingcalledlife

Follow me on Insta emily_thatcrazythingcalledlife

Money is a magnifier which we stand in front of.

So if you are kind, money will help you spread that kindness to more people.

If you are selfish, you have more to be selfish over. 

I will remind them that good people don’t have to be poor and that those who know their worth ask for it.

But mostly, I will remind them that love is priceless.

And then they’ll whine and moan about how much I bang on about loving them and I won’t stop. Not for a second.

Because for them to know their worth is the greatest gift I could give them.

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Em x