I use the word a lot but honestly, I’m not really sure what it means.


Let’s be straight-up honest here. Even if I’m being inauthentic, I can still be authentically inauthentic, can’t I? 

Keep thinking about it. Let yourself loop like a Hola Hoop (it’s a type of British crisp – Google it!)


Let me put it this way.

Say you go on holiday to Bali and purchase a pair of faux Ray Ban’s (because what else do you buy in Bali?).

Are they inauthentic (fake)?


{What? They’re not real?? But they say Ray Bali on them… Oh… wait…}


But paradoxically, aren’t they also AUTHENTIC fakes?


Brain scrambled yet?


I sat and pondered this in the same way I pondered Kale (yep, the vegetable. I just don’t understand it!).

How does it work and why is everyone buying into it?


What is all this bullshit about being authentic if we can be authentic in our inauthenticity?


And then I saw this photo that was taken of me and some of my closest girlfriends at a wedding we attended recently.


I remember the photo being taken – we’d tried for ages to get the ‘perfect’ shot and eventually grew tired and just started joking around.

And this was the result.

Eyes closed, mid-snort, hair wispy and strange hand gestures.


And I love everything about it.


Why? Because it’s AUTHENTICALLY us. And that got me thinking about what ‘authenticity’ really means to me.


Authenticity means being seen for who you are, and being okay with it, even when others aren’t.

Authenticity means speaking your truth, and allowing others to do the same, even when you don’t agree with them.

Authenticity means showing up, and standing bravely in your word, even when you don’t feel strong.

Authenticity means knowing you can change, and not staying stagnant, even though change is scary at times.

Authenticity means laughing until your belly hurts, and having others to laugh along with you, even if they don’t get the joke.

Authenticity means living with a quiet peace, and not needing to be right, even when you’re sure you are.

And ultimately, to me, authenticity means being unashamedly human.


Over the last 3 years, I have learnt that the more unashamedly human I am, the better my relationships are, in every area of life.

It starts with the relationship with me, then with others (romantic and platonic); my relationship with my business, followers and clients; my finances and my health.

They have all boomed since I dug deep, did the work and learnt to be unashamedly HUMAN.


And now, I have the absolute honour and privilege of showing other awesome humans, (through my key note speeches, one on one clients, workshops and online programs), how they too can develop these ‘authentic’ relationships and live a life of freedom in their soul, as all unashamedly human humans do.


My talented friend Claire took this photo.

She entitled it “Women I Adore”.

And I couldn’t agree with her more.

Because who couldn’t adore such free souls living in such an unapologetically way that they couldn’t even pose for the perfect photo?

This love, this laughter, this abundance – this is what it looks like to be unashamedly human.


Much love, Em x