5 Simple Ways To Change Your Results

I just got back from the supermarket (possibly the worst opening line of any blog I’ve ever written but stay with me!).

It’s 10 o’clock at night and in recent months, I have developed a habit of leaving my grocery shopping until this late time.

Side note! I really wish I was the sort of person who sipped chai tea from a reusable coffee cup and mooched around farmers markets every weekend, carefully selecting a bounty of vegetables under the watchful eye of the farmer who sprayed the manure himself before bringing the harvest home to make a delicious broth. But I’m not. I hit up Coles (Tesco’s for my UK buddies) to buy loo roll, instant coffee (judge me, I dare you) frozen blueberries and tampons. I mainly contribute to the local community through the use Uber Eats and allowing my culinary-loving mates the pleasure of feeding me.
I wash up. 
We have great chats. 
Everyone’s happy.***

There is one very simple reason I hit the supermarket so late at night.

Less people.

That’s it.

Go in at 6pm and it is like a living hell. 
In my local Coles, they have a bouncer to make sure that it’s only one basket per person at peek time.

It’s like a mosh pit in the fresh fruit and veg section. I’ve seen a Grannie fall to the floor in the fight for the only ripe avocado in amongst the 428 on display.

And heaven forbid you think twice at the deli. If you show any signs of indecisiveness as you ask for a handful of Salami (Hungarian or White Truffle?) you can be sure that your number will be revoked without hesitation, and worse, you’ll be served an eye-roll from Terry the ‘butcher’ as he wraps ticket 64’s half kilo of wafer ham.

People are hangry (definition: so hungry they display unusually angry tendances), tired after a day of work, pissed off at their partner for texting them on their long commute home to casually ask them to pick up some chicken breasts because Caz and Daz are coming over for dinner.

And here’s the proper mental thing, for some reason people take their kids there at this time too. Whoever thought those little children sized trolleys designed for kids to ‘play along’ were a good idea needs to be shot in the face. Get your child out of my f@@king shins Carol!

The whole thing is horrendous.

And I’m very aware that I become part of the problem. 
Who threatens Carols kids? 
Not me, usually. But at 6pm mid week in a supermarket I turn, just like the rest of you.

But here’s the really weird thing.

My local Coles is open from 6am until 11pm.

That’s 17 hours of trade. 
Yet, people choose to go at the busiest time. 
Every day.

Now, I get that it’s the busiest time because it’s the most convenient for people.

They swing past the supermarket on their way home from work and then they can get back to their partner, unwind with Caz and Daz and ice their bruised shin.

But convenient doesn’t always equate to the best results.
In fact, often convenience brings pretty shit results, especially in business.

As a mindset coach, I help successful people and businesses become (not get, become) more successful and so manifest in next level results; personally, professionally and spiritually.

But in order to do this, they need to put down the convenience of staying the same.

Most people are plateauing in their results because they’re being who they’ve always been, thinking the thoughts they’ve always thought, playing out strategies they’ve always played out and executing habits which harvest the same results.

Here are 5 very simple things you can do immediately to change the results in your life.

1. Do the tight butt things.

If you need an explanation of tight butt, check out this 50 second video. Otherwise I’ll assume you’ve been following my lives and are a subscriber to my YouTube channel so are familiar with the phrase.

You gotta do the tight butt things.
It’s very easy to write a list of things we know need to do and then start ticking things off, collecting hits of dopamine as we go. 
***Tidy desk. Check.
***Fill car with fuel. Check. 
***Check in with Daphne. Check. 
***Plan some Insta posts. Check. 
***Open the fridge and look inside in a bout of procrastination. Check.

And then the day comes to an end and all the things on your list like 
***Go to the gym
***Make the scary sales call
***Do a Facebook Live without actually shitting yourself
get carried over to tomorrow. 

It’s the things that push you out of your comfort zone that get results. 
Is it convenient to feel tight butt? 
It’s not. 
It’s way safer to do the shit you know but the shit you know is getting you the results you’re getting so here’s an idea, do some different shit. 
That will be uncomfortable. 
You’ll survive.

2. Be your own BS detector!

You have got to get good at hearing your own excuses.

“I don’t have the time” 
You’re just prioritising other things. 
You have the same amount of time as every other human on this planet but if you choose to spend it watching Netflix for 4 hours a night then what do you expect?

3. Don’t expect instant results all the time.

People give up because they only focus on the end result. 
If you want to lose 10kg you have to start by losing 0.01kg. 
That’s called progress. 
You don’t get to fall back to the sofa in a sulk because you went to the gym twice and don’t look like a Victoria Secret model. 
Those women eat air and train 8 hours a day. 
My vision is to be as big as Oprah, but I don’t give up because this blog only got read by 4 people (seriously, share and like my shit people!). 
It’s convenient to give up and go back to what we know. And then we moan that we ‘tried’ (seriously?) but it was too hard to go to the gym in the dark when Masterchef was on the telly so… Don’t be that person.

4. Be the person of your future today.

Part of success it not waiting for your external circumstances to change but making your external circumstances change. 
So when I hear people say things like
“I can’t afford it” 
my immediate thought is 
“and you never will with that attitude”.

Yesterday I was speaking to a potential client who wanted to join my 6 month Mentorship program, Next Level Results ™

Her concern was that it was going to be a stretch for her financially. 
I asked her a powerful question.

“Can future You afford it?”

“Yes” she answered.

“What did she do to make that happen?” I asked.

“Well, she actually only needed to sign up two more clients a month and then she’d more than cover it”.

“Awesome” I said. “Do you know how to do that?”

“Yeah” she said.

“Could you do that this week?”

“Yes” she said, fear tinging her words.

“Is it a tight butt moment?” I asked her.

“Fuck yes!” she laughed.

“How willing are you to reach your goals?” I probed.

“Well,” she said, “if I don’t do this, if I just keep waiting I’ll never have the financial freedom I’m after.”

She hung up the phone and called me back 2 hours later to sign up for Next Level Results ™

She’d signed not 2 but 3 clients.

While you are thinking from where you are now, you will continue to get the results you’re getting now. Start thinking from the version of you who already has the results you desire because that legend has the answers.

5. Don’t let other people’s fear, limitations or expectations dictate your life.

This is a tough one and one I struggled with for a very long time. 
Fear of judgment, fear of success and wanting to keep everyone else happy meant for years I stayed small. 
Over the last few years I have come up with a model of leadership for businesses and individuals which gives you a clear framework for recognising who you should be listening to, how to manage doubters and how to lead with certainty and confidence. Check out this 20 minute video for more on The Queendom model™

Here’s the truth.

Success isn’t convenient. .
But nor is grocery shopping. 
Nor is only ever having just enough money. 
Nor is making the sales call. 
Nor is doing the work. 
Nor is being overweight. 
Nor is doing a job you hate. 
Nothing is convenient.

But you need to choose your inconveniences in life.

Are they getting you the results you want, or not?

I choose financial freedom and travel and contribution, but those things demand that I do the things which are inconveniently different when most others choose to do the convenient thing of staying the same.

I choose not to have to push a Grannie over for an avocado (what? No. That wasn’t me) so I hit the isles of Coles at 10pm when most others can’t be bothered.

And life is actually, much easier for it.

If you want to know more about Next Level Results ™, my 6-month mentorship and coaching program which breaks down the neurology of habits, the science of spirituality and the cluster-fuck of being a human then drop me an email – emily@emilychadbourne.com

This program is the reason for my turbo success in the last 6 months and brings human behaviour, manifestation and professional skills together for those who are really ready to go next level in their results.

If you’ve read this far that’s probably you.

I look forward to speaking to you.

Em x