February 2019


Ladies, the tide is turning and you can feel it!

You hear the same old tired business strategies and you think, ‘that’s not for me’. You see other women smashing goals and leading the way and you want to be part of that vision. You’re looking for your tribe, a place your soul can connect and be supported as you evolve into the next version that you’re being called to be. And if that all sounds a little wishy washy and wanky, it’s because it is a bit. But it’s also got you reading this far so listen up!


This is your chance to spend 5 transformative days reconnecting with yourself and your purpose (or business vision as we like to call it).

Integrating holistic embodiment practices with some hard core cutting edge business strategy, this retreat will change the way you feel about yourself and your business.

In short, it’s time to level up in every area of your life.

Daily yoga & meditation, mindset & mindfulness workshops and high vibe collaboration & conversations will have you connect to yourself and your passion in a way that a series of online webinars or a week-long city workshop will never be able to deliver.

Add into the mix a massive line up of business strategy workshops which will see you develop a crystal clear business plan to execute your dreams.


All set in sacred Bali, this idyllic backdrop will nourish you from the inside with organic meals, revelations, healings and will hold a safe, sacred space for you to tap into your soul. (did we get all wanky again? Whatevs, a bit of spiritual jargon never hurt anyone).

You will leave with a clear vision, an actionable business blueprint and the mindset to execute it. Oh, and you’ll head home feeling rejuvenated in soul, body and mind.

Yes please!

This is a call out to 10 astonishing women who are ready to call in the next level of themselves and their business.

There are only 10 places available and it’s by application only. If you know in your soul that this game changing 5 days is for you, apply today!

Who is this retreat for?

  • Women in business, coaching or MLM

  • Open-minded women who want to set the world alight with their passion and make an impact through their business

  • Women who know there has to be a better way, they just need some clear guidance to realising their dreams and some mindset tools to get out of their own way

  • Women who come from heart space and want to collaborate with other powerhouse individuals

  • Women who know they are destined to be, do and have more

Who is this retreat NOT for?

  • Women who don’t have an interest in sharing their message with the world (as much as this is about personal development, it is also about business development)

  • Self-centred egocentric individuals

  • Women who take life too seriously and don’t like to laugh

  • Women who are not willing to try new things and who need absolute certainty (so if you’re about to email us and ask for a day by day breakdown of the retreat, this opportunity is not for you)

  • Women who are looking for other people to sort out their shit for them

The Ultimate Business Experience for Women with Soul

 5 days at a 5 Star luxury villa (this shit is off the hook! We are talking full decadence for 5 days of creative, introspective workflow)

✓ 2 expert coaches (that would be Em on mindset and Jem on business) & a fully experienced retreat host (meet Michelle, she da best) to make sure all your needs are met on every level

✓ 5 Business Strategy workshops to get you clear on your business vision and to develop a clear strategy for easy execution and sustainable success – time to Position Yourself

✓ 5 Mindset workshops to get yourself out of your own way and have you learn Em’s proven 5 step ‘Manifesting For Realists’ formula to have you call in the people, circumstances, experiences and opportunities to grow in life and business

✓ A photoshoot including makeup and styling – 6 touched up images for your brand and marketing purposes, set against the beautiful backdrop of Bali

✓ A fully edited video for your website or landing page, complete with a step by step guide to using video to add value and grow your market. Full coaching for anyone who has a bit of a sweat on at the thought of putting their face on camera – video’s where it’s at ladies so let’s smash through those fears and learn how to make video work for you (so many business owners get this so wrong – a must know for business success in the modern day)!

✓ The FULL Balinese cultural experience – think off the beaten track, sacred waterfalls and giving back to the community. And yes, there will also be time to buy the typical touristy wood carving and sink a couple of Bintangs at sunset (because, real life!)

✓ Daily morning rituals, mediation, yoga and a heap of connecting to the best version of you

✓ An in-house chef to cater for all your dining needs. All meals at the villa will be included and will be organic, high vibe and nutritious

 6 webinars with Em and Jem before and after the retreat to deliver sustained integration and support

✓ The opportunity to network and collaborate with likeminded women and a private Facebook group to keep the community networking after the retreat is over

✓ An in-house spa treatment and the opportunity for more during your free time

✓ Complimentary Wi-Fi access

✓ Daily house keeping

✓ Private shared rooms with a pool per villa and outrageous amenities to have you vibing in full abundance as you make your dreams a reality

This retreat is an application only transformation experience for your mind and business.


✓ How to position yourself in business (because so many heart centred practitioners get this wrong and it makes us sad to see)

✓ How tap into the truth of your soul and align your lifestyle and business vision (so business becomes something you enjoy instead of that big scary thing you have to do)

✓ How to gain clarity on your truth, your message and what your next business steps are (because if you don’t know where you’re going, it’s easy to get lost in a world of procrastination and overwhelm. Hands up anyone?!)

✓ How to get out of your own way and take action in spite of your fears (can I get a ‘hell yeah’)

✓ How to connect to your market and soul clients while still making the cash you desire to live your dream lifestyle (because we’re not in this to be poor)

✓ How to live in alignment so that you can enjoy your results (because we’re not in this to be miserable)

✓ How to actually manifest (the science, the reality and none of the crap you get fed by mainstream practitioners)

✓ How to embody the woman you truly desire to be (because time is forging forward ladies and we ain’t got no time to piss around any more)

✓ How to connect more authentically with yourself and your market (because you’ll feel happier and make more money. It literally is that simple)

✓ How to overcome self-sabotage (because it totally sucks!)

✓ How to work from a place of flow (that word gets thrown around a lot. Let’s get real. How to get shit done and enjoy it. Mostly. Because… real life)

✓ How to work with the universe to co create something phenomenal

So join Em and Jem as they share everything they have learnt in life and business and give you the blueprint to success.

Apply for the February 2019 ‘The Ultimate Business Experience for Women with Soul’ retreat today.