Lower stress, anxiety and connect to your internal guidance system

How to Meditate, with Emily Chadbourne


Psst, full disclosure I’m about to list a LOT of reasons that you should meditate because some of you will need persuading that meditation will change your life. Some of you however don’t need convincing, you already know it will. But you also know that you need a bit more than an app on your phone to really get yourself into the habit of daily meditation. So for you lovely lot, let me save you some reading time and address that first.

Apps are great, I love them. And I used them, often. Each time I’d download a new one and I’d promise myself that this time I would commit to daily meditation. I’d track my days on the app, use the guided prompts and really, really try. And sometimes it worked. For a while. But inevitably, there would be a day (usually the weekend) when life just got too busy and I didn’t prioritise meditation, or life would be going really well and I’d think “I don’t need this anymore”.

And so my yo-yo relationship with meditation continued like some bad teenage romance full of hard-to-get chases and promises of change “I LOVE YOU REALLY MEDITATION. I’M SORRY, COME BACK, I’VE CHANGED!” But I hadn’t changed.

Eventually, tired of my own shit I decided enough was enough. Apps weren’t cutting it. I needed to pull out the big guns. I wanted to learn how to drop in and speak to my soul so that I could rely on my own inner guidance system instead of always assuming other people knew better than me how I should live my life. I wanted to know that whatever happened in life, I had the tools to let go of unnecessary worry and anxiety. I wanted to learn how to find peace in a world that was seemingly getting more and more stressful.

So I signed up to a 3 month program with Jonni Pollard (go check him out if you don’t know who he is. He is one awesome dude and the only bald guy I’ve ever had a crush on) and I began to learn about Vedic meditation. 

This was so much more than just an app. 

This intensive 3 month deep dive with Jonni taught me what happens to my mind when I drop into meditation and how this benefits my entire body, not just my thoughts. I learnt how the 5 levels of my mind begin to align, showing me the clear path from my intuitive perception into my manifestations. I learnt how to tap into wisdom I didn’t know I had and almost overnight, I began to back myself in a way I hadn’t done before.

And that’s what I deliver in this course. It’s the missing piece that will stop you pushing away your meditation practice like it’s your highschool romance you’re not sure about. This is the adult commitment you’ve been looking for.

But wait, there’s more!

Because I am a mindset coach and run my own successful business, I also know a thing or two about forming excellent habits so there’s also a video in this course called How to Stay Motivated to Meditate (and no, the answer isn’t set a calendar reminder or make your meditation space look pretty although if those things work for you, rock on).

This course is so much more than an app. It’s a result of all of my meditation misunderstandings and many failed attempts at creating a sustainable practice (that I wanted to do daily). This course is a product of my knowledge and experience of working with one of the world’s leading meditation trainers, and also my own unique perspectives designed to help you finally prioritise and enjoy your daily meditation practice.

If meditation apps have failed you in the past, this is for you.

If you’re not yet sold on the benefits of meditation, read on!

Health Benefits of Meditation (according to science so you know there’s been a study with a legend in a white coat)

  1. Reduces stress

    Stress contributes to sleep disruption, depression and anxiety and increased blood pressure (which contributes to a wide range of physical issues). Imagine a free technique that you can use whenever you want to reduce stress. Oh, wait…

  2. Reduces Anxiety

    Look, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that you’ll never feel anxious again, but wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t feel anxious about shit that didn’t matter? Like what bitchy Jess from marketing thought of your skirt last week. If you waste your precious energy getting caught up in worry about what other people think all the time, imagine how free life would feel if you could use a free technique whenever you want to reduce anxiety. Oh, wait…

  3. Improves emotional wellbeing

    Hurrah! Less worry, doubt, anxiety and stress leads to this awesome place where suddenly, you choose what you give a fuck about. This leaves room for more fun, creativity and connection instead of worrying about bloody bitchy Jess the wardrobe warrior! Imagine a free technique that you can use whenever you want to boost your emotional health. Oh, wait…

  4. Self awareness

    Imagine a technique you could use which would increase your belief in your own capacity and ability to overcome challenges. Oh, wait…

  5. Improves focus and memory

    Sorry, what were you saying? Jokes! If like me, you can be a bit, ‘away with the fairies’ then a consistent meditation practice can lengthen your attention span and help with memory retention. Imagine a free technique that you can use whenever you need to remember the details necessary to get that job done before the looming deadline. Oh, wait…

  6. Empathy and kindness

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was a kinder place. Well, according to some studies if everybody meditated, it would be. Imagine a free technique that everyone could use so that less people would be dickheads. Oh, wait…

  7. May help fight addiction

    As a recovering alcoholic myself, I can absolutely assure you that meditation helps me cope better with life which in turn, reduces my compulsion to drink booze. Imagine a free technique that you can use to reduce the amount of crutches (food, phones, porn, drugs…) you need to rely on. Oh, wait…

  8. Improves sleep

    What’s not to love about this one? I mean, sleep is the best way to feel energised, creative, alive, emotionally stable and enthusiastic about this one precious life you have been gifted. Imagine… okay okay, you get the picture.

So now I’ve banged on about the benefits, let's look at some of the reasons you’ve decided you can’t meditate.

  1. “I don’t have time”

    Years ago a business mentor of mine told me that she meditated twice a day for 20 minutes and I remember thinking, ‘don’t you have a life? Who has the time for that?’. But as I have studied meditation and have seen the benefits of a regular practice in my own life, I can now realise that I’ve always had the time, I just wasn’t prioritising what was important. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been guilty of losing 20 minutes of our time and much of our sanity to stalking our ex on social media. If you’ve got time to switch on Netflix, you’ve got time to meditate!

    Still don’t think you have time? Check out this video!

  1. “I can’t rid my mind of thought”

    Look, unless you’re a Zen Buddist monk who lives in a remote cave with no worldly possessions and eats rice and beans exclusively, you won’t achieve thoughtlessness. The key is not to have no thought, but to not attach ourselves to thought. Check out this short video for more!

  1. “I fall asleep”

    Often, the sensation of meditation can be like sleep because meditation mirrors the process we go through as we fall asleep. Physiologically, our heart rate lowers, our breathing relaxes, our eyes are closed and our chemical system and thinking begins to match what happens at bedtime. This presents as your thoughts becoming fragmented, dreamy or nonsensical. Your head might even nod as you lose touch with your body a bit. It might feel like you’re dreaming as random memories pop up or you lose track of time. Unless you are lying down, you won’t actually be asleep but because you’ve never associated this experience with anything other than sleep before, it’s easy to assume you are. Here’s the thing. It’s not a bad thing to be in this deep space of rest. You probably need it. Don’t lie down and keep your head free from resting on the back of a chair and let your innate internal wisdom guide you through the experience that it knows is best for you. For more on this, check out this short video.
  1. “It’s boring and I don't enjoy it”

    That’s why you need me. I make it fun!


What is the time commitment?

Not much. It’s a self paced course and the 5 videos range from 11 - 25 minutes.

I’m not good with technology. Will I struggle?

You’ll be fine! It’s a simple link that will get emailed to you. There are 5 videos in the course and 14 mp3’s which are all designed for you to learn and listen at your own pace.

How do I know this won’t be shit?

Um you don’t. Until you actually buy this course and unlock all the content, you don’t know it won’t be shit. Sure there are testimonials dotted around but what do they mean? What if my sister wrote them, right?  I get it, you don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on something that won’t work. But here’s the way to look at it. This investment is not going to bankrupt you. It’s less than 50 bucks! At the worst, you won’t get Uber Eats this week and you’ll hear a fresh perspective on meditation. At best, you’ll decrease your stress, improve your sleep and finally realise the way to self trust. Either way, it’s worth the 50 bucks.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email info@emilychadbourne.com and we’ll get back to you.