Welcome to the Unashamedly Human Huba deep dive into managing your mind and making your dreams a reality.

The Unashamedly Human Hub is a community of empowered women from all across the globe who support, nurture, encourage and connect deeply with each other as they navigate that crazy thing called life, with me guiding the group step by step through this transformational process.


This online global coaching program is for you if:

~ you are ready to stop treading water and start making the most of your one precious life

~ you know it’s time to break free from repeating patterns
(either financially, romantically, emotionally, with your weight, health, business or career ... or all of the above) 

~ you would love to free yourself from the judgement of others
so you can be free to make your dreams come true, speak your truth and follow your soul

~ you are tired of your own bullshit excuses, stories and procrastination and you feel like life is passing you by

~ you are ready to embrace the shame that has been keeping you small, holding you back and weighing you down

~ you are ready to invest in yourself because you’ve wasted years hoping that something or someone else will make you happy

~ you are looking for accountability, support, community and a solid tribe of women who see your worth and are doing the work right alongside you

~ you’ve been following me on social media and loving my videos, podcasts and blogs and you are finally ready to say YES to your dreams

What others are saying about working with Emily:
Emily Chadbourne Unashamedly Human Course Testimonial 1

Unashamedly Human is the result of decades of me being a fucking miserable bitch.

I was waiting tables for $20 per hour at the age of 34 and I felt like I was trapped by my circumstances - I had no prospects, I couldn’t afford to retrain in a new skill, I didn’t even know what I wanted to do with my life, my relationships were volatile, I was in debt and I felt like I had no way out.

Eventually, I worked out that no one was coming to rescue me. I had to do the work and I had to do it TODAY.
I couldn’t wait any longer.

So I stopped spending my minimum income on wine, subscriptions to things I didn't use, take away coffees I didn’t need and clothes I rarely wore and I decided to change my life ... I started investing in me.

What others are saying about working with Emily:
Emily Chadbourne Unashamedly Human Course Testimonial 2

unashamedly human

After a couple of years of personal development, I began to notice that most coaches only talked about thinking positive thoughts (not easy when you’ve been through trauma, are trapped in fear loops, have low self esteem or suffer from imposter syndrome) and they were shying away from the real conversations about what it is like to be really fucking human. They weren’t talking about the fears and doubts and worry and guilt and shame and all the other words which I’ve been told not to use on a sales page. 

But fuck it, I’m all about being real, raw and honest to my core. 

So here it is hun.

I see you. 

I know your pain. 

I feel your resistance. 

I hear the voice that tells you you’re not worth this, or that it might not work for you or that you might lose what you already have if you ask for more.

I understand you’re scared to change but also know you are more scared of staying the same.

I get it babe.

I was where you are now.

And I tried so many different courses and meditations and healing modalities to silence the hardest and deepest emotions. But I was still running around in the circles of doubt and procrastination and scarcity. I knew I was holding myself back but I didn’t know how to break through to the other side.

And then, the universe delivered me my biggest lesson, by giving me the worst year of my life. The year saw me heartbroken, in deep grief after the loss of my Mum, financially broke (again because I hadn’t learnt about how to break my crappy money beliefs yet), injured and betrayed by one of my closest friends.

It was then in my darkest time that I truly learnt the secret to healing, happiness and what I now call being Unashamedly Human.

Now I work with clients across the globe, giving them the knowledge, frameworks, support and guidance to not only manifest their dreams, but to deal with fear, heal their trauma and manage the shit days. 

Because without these tools, you'll only ever see short term changes (ever done 'personal development' before and it hasn't worked? - all good babe, Unashamedly Human is a unique system which my clients follow for quantum, sustainable change in their lives).

What others are saying about working with Emily:
Emily Chadbourne Unashamedly Human Course Testimonial 3

This course is packed full of content that will get you on the path to navigating this crazy thing called life in the best possible way for YOU.

This is just a glimpse what you'll receive when you join the Unashamedly Human Tribe!

  • Me as your coach guiding you through 6 modules on your exclusive membership site (I recommend you commit to completing 1 module a month, but this program allows you to go at your own pace too!)

    Studies show that 96-98% of the way we think is habitual. And as 70% of our time in the west is spent living in high stress, most of us are existing in survival mode because of the stories we are so used to telling ourselves. We assume the worst, carry around past trauma as if it is still happening and condition ourselves to fear based thinking. We play small and stay in the safety of our comfort zones and then wonder why our lives seem to be shrinking and not expanding. Imagine if you had the tools to catch your thoughts, recognise the stories of fear and doubt that are currently holding you back and had a solid framework to follow so that you can take aligned action with confidence and certainty instead of swimming around in indecision and repeating the same patterns? Well, imagine no more, because this is what Em will be teaching you through these modules:

  • Module 1

    How to manifest what you want

  • Module 2

    Managing your greatest asset; your mind

  • Module 3

    How to have amazing relationships

  • Module 4

    Personal power and leadership

  • Module 5

    How to cultivate a wealth mindset

  • Module 6

    Self love

  • Workbooks and additional resources to guide you through each module with full accountability, action steps and support.

    Life is not a solo sport and there is great power in the collective. You are not alone, and this course is designed for you to succeed – all you need to do is say YES and rock up, follow the system and tap into the abundance waiting for you.

  • Em LIVE

  • Meditation

    There is so much going on in the outside world and our minds get very noisy. Meditation is one of the tools which you will learn to get in touch with your inner world and let go of the stress. In the quiet you will learn how to tap into your intuition and make certain decisions from a place of calm. We have been brainwashed for too long that there are good and bad emotions. Modern day manifestation courses scare us into thinking that anger or jealousy or frustration or sadness are negative and make us feel ashamed of who we are. Using powerful meditation techniques I will guide you to a place of acceptance of your emotions – the pain lies in the resistance and as soon as you surrender and embrace your emotions, listen to what they have to teach you and love them for being part of you, you have the power to transcend them and actually make them work for you. In the membership hub you will have access to my full archive of audio and video guided meditations PLUS Em will be LIVE once a month taking you through a guided meditation session.

  • Monthly LIVE Q&A chats with Em over in the exclusive Unashamedly Human Facebook Tribe PLUS access to over 50 LIVE Q&A sessions from the archives.

    Your paradigms (your programming which is made up of your experiences, memories, childhood conditioning, beliefs, social network etc) control all areas of your life from your finances to your relationships to your health. These paradigms will be evident in the thoughts you have. How you think dictates how you feel and how you feel will determine the action that you do (or do not) take, which ultimately manifests into the results you are currently creating in your life. If you are not happy or fulfilled with the results you have then it’s time you changed your paradigm. Imagine knowing how to identify the root cause of your triggers and walk confidently into your future knowing your past doesn’t have power over you. What could be different if you had this level of control and confidence in your future? In these fortnightly LIVE calls with Em you will unpack paradigms and change your results.

  • Spiritual Saturdays

    Em is always developing her spiritual connection and learning about a wide range of concepts and in these monthly sessions, you are invited to join her LIVE in discussion. All webinars will be uploaded into the membership hub for re-visiting because you will be going DEEP and you’re gonna need to revisit this content (over and over)!

  • Hot Seat Coaching

    Group coaching is beyond powerful and this is your chance to be coached LIVE by Em, these monthly sessions are available for our tribe to take advantage of.

  • But wait, there’s MORE!

  • An Unashamedly Human t-shirt to remind you that you are perfect as you are.

    Because all great girl gangs have banging t-shirts!

  • Connection

    Connection is key in everything Em stands for. Connection is at the core of being Unashamedly Human, firstly to self and then to others. Through our time together, you will uncover a relationship with yourself that is more trusting, more confident and so divine that you will be able to reconnect to your loved ones, call in new friendships and relationships and lead from a whole new level. Imagine being someone that others looked up to and respected; someone who had a magnetic energy and moved with an inner peace and calm. And, as your vibe attracts your tribe you can bet your ass that the other women who are saying YES to themselves right now by investing in this tribe are just as amazing too. You can connect with them and Em personally through the supporting Facebook community where you can share insights, ask questions and be united in a nurturing and empowering tribe of love, laughter and accountability.

  • Lifetime access to the membership site and the Facebook community so you can learn at your OWN PACE!

    The initial commitment to the course is 6 months ($1997). Because everyone learns at their own pace and embodying this work is LIFE LONG, after the initial 6 months you are invited to stay as part of the tribe with FULL ACCESS to the membership hub and it’s content – this means you will also continue to have access to the monthly Live Q&A sessions, monthly Hot Seat Coaching, monthly LIVE meditations and monthly Spiritual Saturdays. You can stay for as long as you like for the small monthly investment of $97 (remember, this is after the initial 6 month period).

Okay sign me up. It's time I stopped waiting for my life to change and became the change. I am ready!

Need to spread out the payments?
All good - you can do a payment plan!

6 x monthly payments of $650
Then a monthly investment of $120 (opt out at any time, with only 30 days notice)

Payment Plan (6 x monthly payments)


$3500 upfront payment
After 6 months, a monthly investment of $120 (opt out at any time with only 30 days notice)

I'm ALL IN - Full Upfront Payment
What others are saying about working with Emily:
Emily Chadbourne Unashamedly Human Course Testimonial 2