Emily Chadbourne Mindset Coach Melbourne Do You Need A Holiday?

Do You Need A Holiday?

My knickers are staring at me.

My make-up is anywhere but where I’m looking for it.

And somehow, I came home from Bali with four sarongs.


It’s 10 degrees in Melbourne and in the eight years that I have lived here, I have not once, used a bloody sarong. And now I have another four to add to the collection which I should basically curate and name ‘One Girl’s Travels Around The World, Depicted Through Useless Pieces Of Material With Tacky Print.’ Anyway, these sarongs are now washed and hanging off the internal doors of my apartment to simultaneous dry and mock me.

My clothes horse is groaning under the weight of too many clothes, most of which I didn’t wear because the moment you get to Bali you remember that it is hotter than the sun and none of your cute synthetic summer dresses stand a chance, but now they smell of suitcase so you have to wash them regardless.

This cluster-fuck scene dear friends, is me, post-holiday, unpacking.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because this is life in its full shining spectrum of paradoxical glory.

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This is the part of the holiday that is as necessary as boarding the plane. This is still as much a part of the adventure as trying to guess the meat in the Nasi Goreng (or the Qantas in-flight light supper for that matter), riding rusty bikes without helmets around Gili Air island, accidentally stumbling upon festivals (seriously, parties find me) and laughing with my mates as the sun rises before lounging by the pool in a bikini all day.

Sure, my tan peeled off as soon as I walked through arrivals because of the shock of the aforementioned 10 degrees in Melbourne and no, I didn’t sleep well on the redeye flight home because small children go on holiday too, apparently.

But these bits of life are still life; even if they’re not the Instagram-able bits. These moments are still something to be devoured and treasured as part of the divine human experience.

For years I went on holiday to escape my reality.

These days, I go on holiday to experience more of this glorious earth and everything she has to offer me.

That means when I come home, I don’t dread going back to work, I don’t resent unpacking, I don’t disregard the mundane as meaningless or hanker for parts of my life to be ‘over’ so I can again sit by a pool in short reprieve.

Washing my knickers and laughing at my growing collection of sarongs might not be glamorous, it might not be a story I pass down to my nieces and nephews and hell, it might not even be something worthy of blogging about (sorry), but it is life (not sorry). And I promised myself a few years ago that I was going to design a life I never again needed a holiday from. I was going to learn how to lean into and gobble up every single day of my precious time here, no matter what the day brought me; I was going to learn how to embrace the easy emotions and bow down before (surrender to, but not be forever consumed by) the hard ones.

Recently I listened to an episode of Happy Place, Fearne Cotton’s podcast in which she interviewed author Elizabeth Gilbert. In the episode, Elizabeth Gilbert said that her full-time job isn’t writing, that’s her vocation. Her full-time job is to manage her mental health because, without that, nothing else can exist resourcefully. Without her mental health, she can’t maintain her relationships, she can’t write, she can’t earn money, she can’t enjoy being alive. And that message resonated with me wholeheartedly.

In the last four years, my top priority has been managing my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health, and it is a discipline that I exercise regardless of what country I’m in or the company I keep.

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It is this commitment to myself and this structure that has given me freedom beyond my wildest dreams.

It is the foundation on which I have been able to build a life I adore, including the shitty days or the hard parts or the grief or the heartache that comes as part of the package of being human.

It is this building of trust with myself which means that now, I know I can handle the hard seasons which means I can take risks, take action and back myself to love harder than I have ever loved before, speak my truth louder than I have spoken it before, earn more money than I have ever earned before, serve more clients than I have ever served before, make more of a difference than I have ever made before and live more vibrantly than I have ever lived. Full stop.

Never again will I take life for granted.

Never again will I sink in the mundane.

Never again will I feel like time owns me.

Never again will I worry about money.

Never again will I feel disconnected from my soul.

Never again will anything be more important than my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.

Learning and implementing the tools to manage emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health is at the core of what I teach my clients so they too can manifest abundance and design lives they don’t need to take holidays from but happily visit other countries to enhance.

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