Special 5 Part LIVE Video Course


Hello legend!

Are you ready to find yourself again?

My 5 day free courses are designed for anyone feeling a bit stagnant or stuck.

In our 5 days together, I will show you how to reconnect you to your soul, rediscover your enthusiasm for life and uncover the clarity you need to manifest your dreams.

My 5 day free courses change lives.

You can join me LIVE in my FREE Facebook group, Unashamedly Human with Emily Chadbourne as I deliver each day’s teaching. Because it’s live, you can ask me questions along the way! If you can’t join me LIVE, all good. Sign up so I can send you the recordings, straight to your inbox. You’ll also receive BONUS resources and meditations to help you consolidate the learnings and shift your vibrational frequency.



The course starts on Monday 30th November 2020 and runs until Friday 4th December 2020. I am LIVE every morning in my FREE Facebook group, Unashamedly Human with Emily Chadbourne at 7am AEDT/8pm GMT, and also on Insta @unashamedlyemily

If it’s FREE, will it work?

Yes. I deliver this content for FREE and if you’d like to continue working with me by joining the Unashamedly Human Hub (my global coaching community) then you can. The HUB is open for you to join 365 days of the year so this isn’t a sleazy sales tactic. It’s a way for you to get a taste of working with me and I don’t hold back!  

Is it right for me?

Trust that if you are reading this right now, it’s a sign that you’re meant to be doing this FREE course.

It’s designed for anyone who feels like they’re not getting what they want from life right now, even if on paper, they have everything they should need. Some people come to this course because they are unhappy in their career and don’t know what direction to take; some because they want to manifest a partner; some because they are unhappy in their current relationship; some because they’ve lost who they are. Whether it’s health, finances, relationships or business, everyone (consciously or unconsciously) comes because of the loving, encouraging and understanding communities I create and the level of support I offer.

What’s the time commitment?

The LIVE videos run for about half an hour and they are super fun and engaging.

I’m nervous!

Great! I call this feeling ‘tight butt’ (more of that to come in the course). It’s also known as excitement. You’re about to break through the invisible barrier that’s been holding you back so of course you’re feeling this way – it’s perfectly normal. This course is done in the comfort of your own home and you can remain totally anonymous if you want to. The option is always there to interact in the LIVE videos and post in the group but it’s not compulsory . You can watch the recordings and not post in the group. Even the most introverted members have said that even though they didn’t post, reading the comments and posts in the group brought them great comfort and made them feel a sense of connection and belonging. 

I also want to let you know that you are allowed to want more for yourself. Just because you want to reach your fullest potential, doesn’t mean you’re selfish or aren’t appreciative of what you currently have. You are allowed to choose YOU and that’s exactly what our 5 days together will give you – some YOU time.

What if I don’t have Facebook?

You can watch the LIVES on Insta as well @unashamedlyemily  or just watch the recordings which will be emailed to you as long as you sign up below!

Can I invite a friend?

YES! The more the merrier. You can send them this link https://www.emilychadbourne.com/free-course/ and/or add them to my FREE Facebook group, Unashamedly Human with Emily Chadbourne 

Do I have to sign up to get the BONUS meditations and resources?

Yes. If you want to receive the FREE GIFTS I’ll be giving away daily, then you have to sign up below.


Emily has years of human behavioural education behind her and her funny, zero bullsh!t approach to life, love and spirituality has given her the endearing reputation of being a pioneer of the new personal development world.
She is at the forefront of the fresh wave of healers and coaches who admit that life can be really clunky & messy & scrappy and who don’t try to deny or ignore it.
She is the go-to for those who want to ride the fresh wave of REAL and RAW personal development which balances elements of spirituality, manifestation, science and the cluster-fu@k of being a human being!