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So I’m straight up and honest and frankly, my programs aren’t always for everyone.

Some people don’t need the level of support I offer and some people don’t like British chicks who swear. I get it!

But, for those of you who are really ready for some next level results in their lives, there is a FREE 5 day taster course available for you.

 In this course, you can expect to learn how to get yourself out of the hole you are currently swirling around in. You can expect to find some clarity, purpose and motivation. You can expect to laugh (because I’m a huge believer that life should be fun) and learn some of the best kept manifesting secrets going!

This course has been so valuable to so many and you can read some of the testimonials below.

To join, all you need to do is pop your details into the form below and you will get a daily video sent to your inbox (for the next 5 days) where I share mindset hacks, meditations, visualisations and workbooks to help you shift the way you think and so change your reality whether that be in your love life, bank balance, confidence, business success or just finding more peace and joy in your soul.

You can also access me live through my totally FREE private Facebook group, That Crazy Thing Called Life where you’ll also find an amazing tribe of women who, like you are fed up of treading water and ready to actualise their fullest potential.

Congratulations, you are about to take quantum leaps towards making your dreams a reality.

I believe in you and remember, anything is possible.

Em x


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These free courses alone have changed people’s lives

Here are just a couple of examples for you:

Want to check that these are real life comments from real life people? Of course you do!

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I look forward to you joining That Crazy Thing Called Life and joining me in my next FREE course (subscribe above), designed to give you the tools to start changing your reality.