How To Meditate with Emily Chadbourne – Online Course


Lower stress, anxiety and connect to your internal guidance system

Because I am a mindset coach and run my own successful business, I also know a thing or two about forming excellent habits so there’s also a video in this course called How to Stay Motivated to Meditate (and no, the answer isn’t set a calendar reminder or make your meditation space look pretty although if those things work for you, rock on).

What I’m saying is, this course is so much more than an app. It’s a result of all of my meditation misunderstandings and many failed attempts at creating a sustainable practice (that I wanted to do daily). This course is a product of my knowledge and experience of working with one of the world’s leading meditation trainers, and also my own unique perspectives designed to help you finally prioritise and enjoy your daily meditation practice.

If meditation apps have failed you in the past, this is for you.



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