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Raise Your Vibe (Shake It Off)

On Sunday morning, I woke up in a colossally shit mood.

I couldn’t explain it with the usual plethora of reasons which often have the punch to tip me over into being an utter brat. Am I hormonal? Yes but I’m always hormonal these days. Is a planet in retrograde? Probably. Did someone have the audacity to behave in a way that isn’t strictly in line with how I think they should act? All the time. Those assholes!

For some reason, on this particular day, I just woke up in a funk.

And it was unpleasant for everyone involved.

Instantly, my bad mood began to reflect back to me.

The coffee I ordered (is it okay to order a latte from Uber Eats? Asking for a friend) tasted like it had been made in England (no offence England but your coffee making skills are frankly, shite); the person I was waiting for got slower (seriously, fuck around more while I stand here clearly ready to go. What’s that now? You think that right now, this very second, is the appropriate time to pop that washing on? Sure. We’re already late so….); and then the weather joined in and no, smart-ass, I didn’t bring the umbrella you told me to grab on the way out.

You get the picture.

It wasn’t my finest hour.

Or 3.

3 hours.

It was 4 hours.


Luckily, as a job I teach women how to take charge of their thoughts so that they can manifest different results for themselves (the irony is not lost on me and I’ll come back to the hashtag… #unashamedlyhuman) so later on that day, I found myself editing a bunch of resources that I’m giving away as bonus gifts to the members of That Crazy Thing Called Life – my FREE Facebook group where I am currently running a FREE course (it’s not too late to sign up, click HERE) for professional, successful women who want to know about how to manifest bigger and better results for themselves and their loved ones.

And then I came across a resource called “12 Steps To Raise Your Vibe and Attract Abundance”.

As I read my own words, I decided I was probably ready to leave my pity party for one. It was getting kinda lonely and very boring for everyone.

I ran through the list that my laptop proudly displayed in front of me, kinda impressed by my own work, and within minutes my whole frequency had shifted. I went on to have a connected, fun, productive and abundant Sunday (sounds like a smug bitch. Is a bit.)

So when I sat down to write this week’s blog, I figured the document was worth a share.

Enjoy the content, share the blog and let me know which resonates best with you!

12 Steps To Raise Your Vibe and Attract Abundance

Everything is energy. You, me, the laptop I’m writing this on… EVERYTHING!
And this energy is vibrating at a certain frequency. It’s not weird hippy-dippy stuff I’m spouting, it’s SCIENCE.

Our ‘being’ that is made up of different energy levels: physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual. Each has a vibrational frequency, which combines to create your overall vibration.

All vibrations operate at high and low frequencies. If your vibration is low, you’ll know about it. Maybe your finances will be screwed, or you’ll find yourself fighting with your partner or your health will be poor – to put it simply, you’ll feel like shit.

These are some of the things that might be keeping you at lower vibrational frequencies…

  1. Habitually feeling low vibe emotions: anger, frustration, sadness, guilt etc and staying committed to these emotions (you gotta learn how to let shit go!).
  2. Habitual thinking: complaining, talking shit about others (gossiping) and negative self-talk.
  3. Food: Eating processed food (junk food), consuming alcohol or drugs.
  4. Ignoring your feelings and pretending to be ‘happy’ – the universe is not fooled by that and you’ve gotta feel all the feels (just don’t stay committed to them!).
  5. Music: Sad lyrics, angry lyrics, “I hate you Mother-Fu@ker you ruined my life” lyrics.
  6. Your home: clutter, messy or kinda grubby conditions (my car used to look like I lived in it. I didn’t!)
  7. Hanging out with people you don’t feel supported by or who bring you down (emotional vampires).
  8. TV: watching violence, horror, bad news, depressing docos.
  9. Holding grudges: to yourself and others.
  10. Being physically stagnant: Lack of exercise, saying seated indoors all day.

Recognise any of those? I used to do ALL of them. And funnily enough, all I seemed to attract was a string of negative, heavy and exhausting thoughts, experiences, people and situations.

So I started changing some things.

I began to look inwards to see how I could be the change.
I started questioning what I believed to be true and asking how life would be different if I choose to believe something different.

I began to check my behaviour and break some of the habits I had, replacing negative ones with positive ones.

I asked for help and found those people who were vibing high to see what they were doing to create the life of their dreams.

And shit changed. Quickly.

My self-love sky-rocketed, my relationships with others vastly improved, my finances improved, my health improved… all of a sudden it clicked! How I choose to rock up in this world will dictate how the world feels towards me.

{If you need a helping hand with ANY of this, please get in touch with me personally CLICK HERE to speak about joining one of my programs so you can break the patterns of self-sabotage and… feeling like shit.

These are 12 ways we can instantly elevate of vibration and start feeling good again; attracting positive people, experiences, opportunities and circumstances into your life.

1. Become aware of your thoughts.

We can often assume that we just feel the way we feel, like we have no real control over it. But through mindfulness and meditation (yep I said the word meditation!) we can begin to understand our thoughts and therefore take more ownership of them. If you’re new to meditation, start with Headspace or follow some guided meditations – I have a heap over at my YouTube channel (SUBSCRIBE YA’LL!)

2. Practice Gratitude

Yep. So simple yet so effective. When you really think about it, you’ll realise that you have a HUGE amount to be grateful for (like the eyes you’re reading this with, or the device you’re reading this on, or the rerun of FRIENDS that you managed to catch on TV… ) It’s easy to look for what we don’t have in this life and so we forget what we do have. Refocus your attention to what you have and what is good and you’ll feel better. Just today I gifted the members of That Crazy Thing Called Life a quirky, funny Emily-style gratitude journal! To claim your FREE gift, hop over HERE and join the FREE video course that I am currently running personally, in that Facebook group.

3. Visualisation

When we concentrate our energy on what we want, we are way more likely to attract it in. I talk my clients through the right way to visualise so they can utilise the most powerful tool for manifestation. It is one of the tools I will share in the epic LIVE MASTERCLASS I’ll be running for the graduates of the FREE course in That Crazy Thing Called Life – 5 Keys To Unlock Your Manifestation Potential – Learn To Receive Abundance. Want to join us? Sign up here!

4. Get into nature!

I’m not a crazy outdoors person. Insects piss me off and if there’s dog shit in a park, I’m bound to stand in it. But there is a huge energy shift in me when I take the simple step of taking my shoes off and stand bare feet on the grass (just watch out for the dog poop!) Find a park, stand in the garden, visit the ocean, walk around the block – anything. Just get outside and BREATHE.

5. Fresh flowers.

I kill plants. I just can’t keep the bloody things alive but flowers are meant to die (everyone’s a winner!) The simple act of having fresh flowers in my house raises the energetic frequency in my environment and they also remind me that I am the most important relationship in my life.

6. Listen to high vibe music.

Sound is itself, frequency and listening to certain frequencies will raise your energetic vibration (check out Binaural Music at 963Hz 528Hz or 432Hz). It works and I use this music when I’m working. The thing is… it’s not really my kinda tune. It works on a frequency level but sometimes I’ve just gotta bang out some Britney and dance around like a loon. Throwing on your favourite tracks and singing into your hairbrush can only be a good thing. Listening to a DJ set from an epic party does the same thing.

But remember, this is about changing your vibration so stay away from sad, angry songs that remind you of how much your ex-partner screwed you over – ain’t no one got time for that!

7. Laugh

It’s my all-time favourite thing to do. Call a mate (who makes you laugh, not Debbie Downer just so we’re clear) watch a funny movie, google funny shit on YouTube… laughing is the quickest way to get out of your pity party! If you want to see some high-vibe content which will make you chuckle and inspire you at the same time, check out my insta account, emily_thatcrazythingcalledlife

8. Exercise

Run, gym, walk, shag, dance to that Britney tune… endorphins are your body’s natural high so use them. Your blood pumping will release toxins, refocus your mind and make you feel alive! You don’t have to go and run a marathon, but sitting still will keep your physical energy low.

9. Shower

The energetic flow of the water aligns your mind and body. I could get more woo woo here and talk chakras but I won’t. What I will say though is that the symbolism of washing the thought/day/moment/energy away, really works. Ever get your best ideas in the shower? There’s a reason! (it’s what I just said. The flow of the water bit!)

10. De-Clutter

My Mum always used to say “messy room, messy mind”. As a (messy) teenager I just thought she was saying it as a ploy to get me to pick up the clothes from my bedroom floor, but turns out she had a real point.


You are what you eat. Like, literally. So as much as possible reach for the fresh, colourful non processed food option. As I said, everything is vibrational energy and the more processed and sugary a food, the denser energy it holds. Now look, I’m not saying never eat a Snickers again. I personally have one of the biggest sweet tooths going, but I regulate how much processed food I eat – 80% of the time I eat fresh, organic (if I can) and nutrient-rich foods. And just so we’re clear, wine does NOT fall into this category ;).

12.Be Kind

To yourself.
Check your self-talk because the way you speak to yourself will have a direct impact on your vibrational frequency.

To others.
Look, I get that other people can piss you off. People piss me off. But there is a really great way to increase your compassion to others and so reduce how much they piss you off. Check out this video to find out how!
(and remember to SUBSCRIBE HERE for more awesome videos).
Another fav of mine is to practice random acts of kindness – it could be as simple as complimenting a stranger on her shoes or helping an old lady across the road. Be nice, feel nice.

So there you have it.

12 ways to instantly raise your vibration so that you can feel good and
attract in good shit (relationships, money, health, that puppy you always
wanted… the list goes on!)

If you’re really committed to consciously creating the life of your dreams,
then you’re gonna need to the framework and a guide to do the inner

Book a chat with me today to see if my Next Level Results course is the right fit for you. It’s changed the lives of hundreds of women and now it’s your turn. Book in for a FREE chat, HERE!

Love, Em x