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See what Andy McGregor has to say

"My company (Speciality Fashion Group) employed Emily on my recommendation to deliver the key note speech at our annual conference. I had done some private work with Emily around my own mindset and loved her vibe and thought she'd be a breath of fresh air for the Millers group and I wasn't wrong.
The group was going through a huge restructure at the time and there was much uncertainty among the employees.
Emily delivered an hour long speech with humour, lightness, brilliantly engaging stories and really helped bring the team back together in a highly stressful time.

How? Emily has a way of making her audience feel comfort and normalises the human emotion we often don't communicate. She understands and explains the neurology of human behaviour in a matter of fact, scientific way which gives understanding and evokes empathy between people.

She also has a spiritual aspect to her teachings but never in an off-putting or wishy washy way but more in a way that gives her audience permission to trust.
She delivered tangibles which I saw implemented by the audience, results showing both in staff morale, productivity and ease of change management. The content closed the gap between departments and encouraged conversations that would not normally take place - this synergy between departments was continued and very helpful …….did I mention her wicked sense of humour and the way she captivates audiences?!

Ems impact and delivery of her content was more than well received by our wider eclectic group in a positive and excited way!

People were talking about her unique delivery and speeches for weeks after and sparked some individuals to go on their own personal journey (which helped boost productivity and helped people with their own personal  insights)……. I seriously could not recommend her enough!"

Andy McGregor, SFG – Millers