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Are you ready to learn to manage your mind?

Would you like to
  • reduce stress
  • learn how to manage your anxiety
  • build trust that it'll all be okay
  • feel less frustrated and hard done by
  • release guilt and pressure to 'get this right'
  • tap into inner peace and calm
  • have more patience and tolerance
If the answer to one or all of the above is YES, then hit the big button below to join my FREE Facebook group That Crazy Thing Called Life where I will be running a FREE 5 part video course LIVE from April 20th.
This course is for you if;

+ You would like access to the tools and techniques I usually only teach my top paying clients so that you can better manage the anxiety, uncertainty and stress around COVID19.

+ You’ve maybe done some personal development work in the past and it didn’t stick (so you might be wondering why this will be any different! All good babe, I PROMISE you this is like no other personal development you’ve seen before).

+ You have a feeling deep in your soul that you are here for more (even if you don't know what that looks like yet)!

+ You're ready to level up and take back control of your emotions, actions, relationships, health, finances and manifestations.
This is what I promise;

 + Mind blowing content that I usually reserve for my VIP clients.

 + My full energy and attention as if you were one of my highest paying clients – I’m not fucking around so I don’t expect you to either – rock up, interact, ask questions and do the work and you will get results.

 + No sleazy selling – if you love the content and you’d like to speak to me personally about joining the UNASHAMEDLY HUMAN TRIBE, then there will be an opportunity to do so after part 5 has been broadcast on Friday 24th April. Regardless, I will be delivering my best content to you over the 5 days.
The LIVE broadcasts will take place in That Crazy Thing Called Life and I encourage you to join me LIVE for as many of the days as you can (all 5 if possible). In just 5 days, I can show you how to calm your mind, free your soul from shame and re energise you mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

From this place, you can manifest anything you desire.

HOW CAN I BE SO CERTAIN? Because my clients are doing it every day, all around the world and you're going to get a CLIENT EXPERIENCE.
Excited? Me too!
~ Every morning, I will go LIVE in That Crazy Thing Called Life (so turn your notifications ON once you've been accepted into the group) at 7.30am MELBOURNE time.
~ The LIVE videos will be about 30 mins each, (you can listen in the car, at the gym or drinking coffee) and if you miss one, you can search for the video in the VIDEOS section of this group or use the hashtag…
Monday = #day1
Tuesday = #day2
Wednesday = #day3
Thursday = #day4
Friday = #day5
~ The videos will be available to re-watch through That Crazy Thing Called Life until May 1st after which time they will be deleted.
~ It’s BEST if you join me LIVE so that you can ask questions – these videos are INTERACTIVE so that you can get the most out of them.
~ Every day I will be GIFTING you a resource to help you solidify your learnings effect quantum shifts. You will need to COMMENT in each video for me to personally PM you these BONUS MATERIALS.
***Now all that's left to do is the following...
  1.  Mark in your calendar the following 5 dates from MONDAY 20th until FRIDAY 24th 7.30am AEST
  2. Make sure your notifications for this group are ON! 
  3. INVITE your mates, sister, Auntie, work colleagues and big mouth Barbara from down the road to join the group once you're in!
  4. Get EXCITED!
  5. 5. JOIN THAT CRAZY THING CALLED LIFE and start enjoying the daily videos and community IMMEDIATELY