Special 5 Part LIVE Video Course

Hello legend!

Are you ready to pull yourself out of your stagnant funk and find your passion in life again?

Is it time you reconnected to your self-worth, found your voice and built some confidence?

Do you want to know how to overcome people pleasing and worrying about what other people think of you?

How much longer are you going to wait for the right time; the perfect relationship; enough money; motivation; opportunity?

What if I told you that I can buy you back the time you feel you’ve wasted chasing or waiting for dreams that haven’t materialised AND save you hours, days, weeks and years of future disappointment? Would you jump at the chance?

Awesome! Because starting on Monday 9th March I will be going LIVE in  That Crazy Thing Called Life at 7.30am AEDT for a FREE 5-part video training for women who are really ready to step into their power.

This course is for you if;

+ You are ready to take some serious action and take back control of a life that feels like it’s slipping through your fingers at an alarming rate.

+ You’ve done some personal development work in the past and it didn’t stick (so you might be wondering why this will be any different, all good babe, I PROMISE you this is like no other personal development or manifesting course you’ve seen before).

+ You know it’s time to put down the BS because you have a feeling deep in your soul that you were here to achieve something more, love openly and without being guarded and leave a legacy because you fucking matter! + You believe the best investment you can make is in YOURSELF and you’re ready to step into owning the energy of money by funnelling it into your own growth, education and evolution (you KNOW it will come back tenfold). NOTE – this 5-part video course and entry to That Crazy Thing Called Life is TOTALLY FREE, but I will be helping you shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundant vibrational frequency so that you can begin to shift the way you have been manifesting .

This is what you’ll learn;

Part 1 – WHY YOU’RE NOT GETTING WHAT YOU WANT (the invisible roadblocks) – Monday 9th March LIVE @ 7:30am AEDT

Part 2 – HOW TO ATTRACT MORE ABUNDANCE (and be more positive) – Tuesday 10th March LIVE @ 7.30am AEDT

Part 3 – HOW TO STOP PROCRASTINATING (and make your dreams a reality) – Wednesday 11th March LIVE @ 7.30am AEDT


Part 5 – THE 5 STEP SECRET FORMULA TO MANIFESTING SUCCESS (the truth no one else is telling you) – Friday 13th March LIVE @ 7.30am AEDT

This is what I promise;

+ Mind blowing content that I usually reserve for my VIP clients.

+ My full energy and attention as if you were one of my highest paying clients – I’m not fucking around so I don’t expect you to either – rock up, interact, ask questions and do the work and you will get results.

+ No sleazy selling – if you love the content and you’d like to speak to me personally about joining the UNASHAMEDLY HUMAN TRIBE, then there will be an opportunity to do so after part 5 has been broadcast. Regardless, I will be delivering my best content to you over the 5 days.


+ You will be gifted the following supportive material for each video

+ A comprehensive workbook to solidify your learnings

+ A powerful meditation to align your mind, body and soul with the teachings and to 10x the manifestation process

+ A recording of each video in case you can’t join me LIVE – for you to keep for LIFE!


The LIVE broadcasts will take place over in That Crazy Thing Called Life and I encourage you to join me LIVE for as many of the days as you can (all 5 if possible). In just 5 days, I can show you how to calm your mind, free your soul from shame and re energise you mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

From this place, you can manifest anything you desire.


Because my clients are doing it every day, all around the world.

Through this work, my clients are;

~ attracting partners
~ manifesting money
~ reignited romance in their existing relationships
~ starting and growing businesses (and I’m talking exponential, rapid growth)
~ finding their purpose and reclaiming their voice
~ improving their health and falling in love with their bodies
~ gaining confidence and becoming less self-conscious
~ improving relationships with family members
~ healing and forgiving their past, freeing themselves to live the rest of their lives fully

And it’s not just my paying clients, it’s also the hundreds of women who have done one of my FREE 5 day courses in the past.

Here are what some of them had to say!

“I just completed the free 5 day course. Absolute gold!! Funny and relatable, you find yourself nodding along wondering how she got the script of your life.”


These reviews and others are all over on my public figure Facebook Page (search Emily Chadbourne) so please feel free to check them out. I am 100% transparent, what you see is what you get.

Excited? Me too!


~ Every morning, I will go LIVE into That Crazy Thing Called Life Facebook group (so turn your notifications ON) at 7.30am MELBOURNE time to share MUST KNOW content and strategies which will shift you out of your funk and get you vibing high, taking action and feeling positive, capable and confident.

~ The LIVE videos will be roughly 20 – 30 mins each, (you can listen in the car, at the gym or drinking coffee) and if you miss one, you can search for the video in the VIDEOS section of this group or use the hashtag…

Monday = #day1
Tuesday = #day2
Wednesday = #day3
Thursday = #day4
Friday = #day5

~ The videos will be available to re-watch through That Crazy Thing Called Life until Friday 19th March after which time they will be deleted.

~ It’s BEST if you join me LIVE so that you can ask questions – these videos are INTERACTIVE so that you can get the most out of them.

~ Every day I will be GIFTING you a meditation and workbook to help you solidify your learnings and kickstart the manifestation process. You will need to COMMENT in each video for me to personally PM you these BONUS MATERIALS.

~ A reminder that if you’d like all of the content (the 5 live videos, meditations and workbooks) emailed to you AFTER the 5 days of live content finishes (Saturday March 14th) then sign up below.


~ Invite your mates to That Crazy Thing Called Life so that they too can learn how to change their mindset to create different results (because what they’re doing now isn’t quite cutting it)!

~ Turn your notifications ON for the group so you will be notified when I’m going

~ Put the dates in your diary!
Monday 9th March  7.30am AEDT Em LIVE in TCTCL
Tuesday 10th March 7.30am AEDT Em LIVE in TCTCL
Wednesday 11th March 7.30am AEDT Em LIVE in TCTCL
Thursday 12th March 7.30am AEDT Em LIVE in TCTCL
Friday 13th March 7.30am AEDT Em LIVE in TCTCL


Now I’m not here to trick you into thinking that in 5 days I can solve your entire life, I credit you with more intelligence than that!

But I have helped hundreds of women globally find peace in their soul, direction in their lives and the love they desire both through my free and paid courses.

You’ll probably hear some of the women in this group talk about my coaching but please don’t think this free course is a massive sales pitch – it really is my best content and if you follow me on Insta, in this group or on YouTube, or if you listen to my Unashamedly Human podcast you’ll know I give away heaps of content all the time and this free course is no different.

At the end of our 5 days together, there will be an option to speak to me directly about my 12 week coaching program, UNASHAMDLY HUMAN but honestly there’s no obligation, most women don’t (yes I just said that! Most of the hundreds of women who LOVE these courses find that 5 days of my best content is enough to get them back on track. Not everyone needs the level of support my 12 week coaching programs offer and the success stories that pour in whenever I run these free courses are enough to make every bit of planning and recording and writing worth it.)

So, all that’s left to say is GET EXCITED because the more excited you get, the more generous I get.

That Crazy Thing Called Life is a free Facebook group for awesome women who have found themselves feeling increasingly dissatisfied with their (on paper) good lives.

That Crazy Thing Called Life is for the woman who feels like life is… fine… but something is missing and it’s beginning to feel like the universe has a plan that doesn’t match her dream.

Facilitated by yours truly, this supportive community creates space for you to learn even more about being, what I call “Unashamedly Human” – because some bits of being human are weird; and some feelings can be gross and hard to process; and what the fuck are we even doing here anyway?

As an active member of That Crazy Thing Called Life, you will

–> learn HOW to live wholeheartedly in life.

–> learn HOW to move through and let go of the patterns of behaviour that are holding you back from allowing your dreams to manifest.

–> Discuss all things manifesting and spiritual without being asked to OM, chant, dance blindfolded etc (unless of course you want to in which case rock on!)

–> Have a safe, supportive space to voice your truth and own your sh!t, free from judgement.

–> Laugh. That is a PROMISE.

–> Network and make friends with other women who are of the same mindset as you.

So if you’re looking for something refreshing, bold, exciting and FUN where you can step into the power of being “Unashamedly Human” and so unlock your truth and highest potential, then you are in the right place.


Emily has years of human behavioural education behind her and her funny, zero bullsh!t approach to life, love and spirituality has given her the endearing reputation of being a pioneer of the new personal development world.
She is at the forefront of the fresh wave of healers and coaches who admit that life can be really clunky & messy & scrappy and who don’t try to deny or ignore it.
She is the go-to for those who want to ride the fresh wave of REAL and RAW personal development which balances elements of spirituality, manifestation, science and the cluster-fu@k of being a human being!