Valentines Day Ladies Social 



This promises to be a fun evening of self love and dating/relationship advice; socialising with other epic women and releasing the energy that is keeping you in the same relationship/dating patterns - if you're ready to call in a soul mate or shift your existing relationship from mediocre to exceptional then this is a MUST ATTEND EVENT.

Valentines Day - possibly the worst day ever for single ladies or women who are in relationships that have lost their spark!

Well not this year ladies!

If you're anything like me, you have spent at least one Valentines Day doing at least one of the following;

  • getting blind drunk with your loosest girlfriend and waking up on the 15th with one missing shoe
  • pretending you don't care about stupid Valentines Day but feeling inexplicably snappy, sensitive and resentful all day
  • calling an ex (I don't need to finish that sentence)
  • arranging a 'girls night' to show everyone that you don't need a relationship to be happy
  • watching Bridesmaids for the 428th time with a tub of ice cream and a bottle of wine and finishing both before the end of the movie
  • swiping on a dating app while slowly losing the will to live

Babe, I get it.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

This year I have been called to bring together a group of women who are no longer going to let their past dating life dictate their romantic futures; who are ready to take back their power and stop feeling like they're at the mercy of dating apps or fate; who are prepared to break their relationship patterns and attract conscious relationships and who are really ready to heal from their past relationships, clearing their energetic field so that they can be free to attract next level relationships.

Arriving from 6.30pm, this evening will kick off at 7pm with YOUR DATING, RELATIONSHIP AND MANIFESTING questions answered by expert, Emily Chadbourne.

This promises to be funny (she is hilarious), informative (find out exactly what you need to do to break your bad dating/relationship karma) and inspiring (it's time to step back into your confidence and Emily will show you how!)

Got questions about masculine/feminine energies or what turns a potential partner on (and off)? This will ALL be covered!

There will also be a chance for one lucky lady to be coached LIVE in the room by Emily.

There will be a POWERFUL GROUP MEDITATION to conclude the evening. There is great power in the collective energy (especially of women) and Emily will guide you through this beautiful meditation, clearing old energies from past lovers so that you can be free to attract the love you truly desire.


  • bring a journal to make notes (because there will be some highly valuable information shared)
  • bring a yoga mat for the meditation
  • we will be in a private space with our own fully serviced licenced bar so bring some cash/card if you'd like to enjoy a glass of wine (or two; or three...)
  • your ticket price includes nibbles AND you will be GIFTED an audio copy of the powerful meditation to revisit over and over again
  • due to the meditation, spots are limited to 30 so grab your ticket today
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