Are you ready to wake up feeling connected, loved and supported?

I am lucky enough to have a handful of excellent girlfriends who often send me unprompted messages of love, affirmation and belief, usually on the days when I need it the most. And now, you can too!

A few months ago I just finished running a retreat in Bali and I was sitting by the pool when my phone pinged.

It was a random message from one of my girlfriends, reminding me that I can do anything I put my mind to.

Michelle, (the awesome chick I run retreats with and who was sat next to me at the time) commented that most people don't have that level of belief and support in their lives.

And this got me thinking, how could I give that love, belief, reassurance and support to others?

Within minutes, Wake Up With Em was born - a daily text message sent from me, to you, every morning, reminding you that you are fucking incredible; that anything is possible and that I believe in you.

I trust you love them as much as I love sending them.

Em x

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