Wednesdays, 11am Melbs time

I love LIVE video (Facebook or Insta).

Mainly because I think you get to see the true essence of someone, there’s no edit or retake, you get to feel if they’re in their truth and I think that’s important.

You really get to hear if someone knows their shit when they’re live so I go live every Wednesday at 11am Melbs time, answering your questions and helping you with the mindset you need to change your reality.

This live is broadcast over both Facebook and Insta emily_thatcrazythingcalledlife

Now because social media is so rapid and videos get lost in the noise so quickly I ask you to be active.

Like the bloody thing if you’re enjoying the content , ask questions and if you really adore it, share it!

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If you really can’t join me live because your pet toad needs to go to the vet to have its teeth cleaned (do toads have teeth?) all good, you can catch the edited highlights over on my Youtube channel every Thursday. SUBSCRIBE HERE!