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What to do when things are going right!

In the world of personal development there are an obscene number of blogs, vlogs, podcasts and downloadable pdf’s (FREE in exchange for a current email address and a piece of your soul) all to help us when life is just a bit shit.

We have a problem and immediately turn to Dr Google who, without doubt, will have an array of willing practitioners to help you manifest, heal, divorce, grieve, assert boundaries and solve whatever needs solving – more happiness anyone?

Cynicism aside (and irony, I am one of these practitioners – head here for blogs and here for podcasts) I am grateful for the abundance of support out there. Mental health and emotional resilience are without doubt the key to success and happiness – you can have all the money in the world and still be bashed around by life.

But rarely do you see any guidance for what to do when times are peachy or when life is swell, and it feels like you’re on the up!

“Duh, Em, we don’t need help then!” I hear you cry. But I call bullshit on that. It’s not that we don’t need guidance and support in those times, it’s that no one’s willing to pay for it. And if no one’s willing to pay for it, why the fuck would most practitioners bother?

Well, I’m not most practitioners.

I don’t just support my clients as they go through shit times, I champion the fuck out of them as they go through great times because your mindset is as important then as any other time in life.

I have seen so many people fall into the trap of thinking that while life is going well they can let go of the things that keep them in good mental health and operating as powerful manifestors. Full disclosure, just yesterday I caught myself thinking, “life is so great at the moment, I don’t need to meditate”. So, guess what I did? I meditated. For longer than normal. Because it’s very easy to let good habits slide when they are paying off. It’s a bit like saying, “I’m pretty thin at the moment so I don’t need to go to the gym today and yes please Auntie Sue, I will have that extraordinarily large chunk of chocolate cake.” Nek minute, weeks have gone past and your Fitness First gym membership card mocks you from under the layer of dust that covers it as it watches you try and fail to drag your skinny jeans past your knees. And so we start again; the yoyo drops.

Your brain is like a muscle, it needs a consistent workout regime to stay in shape – personal development isn’t something to fall back on in the shit times, it’s just as important to maintain in the good times.

Here are my top 6 non negotiables that I demand of myself and my clients; not just for a while; not just until it gets better; not just for the next 30 days – forever.

1. Ask WHY.

I ask why so much it bores me. Why am I feeling like this? Why did I react like that? Why do I want to punch Jill-from-accounts hard in the tit? But I don’t just ask “why” when I’m pissed off or triggered. I ask “why” when I feel compassionate, and generous and abundant. The better I understand myself, the easier it is to be me; the more peace I feel with the world around me and the more abundance I attract.

2. Meditation.

Yawn. Hands up who is bored of hearing about the positive benefits of meditation. Well, you’re hearing it for a reason! The long-term benefits of meditation are undisputable and the moment I let my practice slip, I realise the Zen state I had so prided myself on last month, very quickly falls off my face and I’m left raging at the world once more. Shut the fuck up Jill!

3. Visualisation.

If you want to continually manifest next level results, you need to connect on a daily basis to the version of you who is living the life you desire. I could bang on about this topic forever but what you need to know for now, is that you will only manifest more (wealth, love, success, health) while you are acting from the version of you who already has what you desire and not the version of you who lets good habits slide.

4. Gratitude.

Did I just see you stifle another yawn? Yep, I know I sound like a broken record on this one but if you’re not grateful for what you’ve got, you’ll never attract more and you may even find that one day you’ll look round and realise it’s packed up and fucked off. Energy, people, money – all of these things want and need to be appreciated.

5. Exercise and Diet.

You only have one body. So don’t be a dick to it. How you treat yourself is an example of how you expect the universe to treat you. So show some respect. Always.

6. Action.

Take it. Nothing happens without action. It’s so fucking obvious and yet I’ve spent most of my career explaining it. NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES! If you stop, your results stop too.

So there you have it. 6 habits quickly fall by the wayside when life is going well, but are in actual fact, the backbone to basic mental health and the attraction of abundance.  Promise me you won’t be one of those people who knows what to do and then doesn’t do it and is then really surprised when it all goes tits up. Do the work – I promise you, you’re worth it.

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